United Gold Direct – Why Gold Investments are the safest form of investment

United Gold Direct has always been preferred when it comes to buying precious metals. The company offers gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals at low prices. The website is also very informative. Moreover, the customer service support aids clients to the process and essentially what they need to know. They are very friendly and knowledgeable about gold investments, and IRAs retirement planning. Every transaction is done professionally, and delivery is always on time as stated in every transaction.

Each employee of United Gold Direct is also thoroughly trained in every aspect of delivering outstanding customer service. With the years of the business in the market, UGD understands the dilemma of some people in making purchases because of the lack of knowledge regarding the process. To address this problem, UGD’s Account Executives have received specialized training in educating their clients to all aspects of owning precious metals. Moreover, these staff does not exercise ‘high pressure’ selling tactics, allowing every client to feel comfortable and at ease with every transaction to UGD.

UGD has been of great help to thousands of clients with regards to protecting their wealth and growing their investment portfolios. Not only did United Gold Direct meet the standards of their clients. More often than not, UGD is proud to have exceeded the expectations of their clients through the proactive educational process that seamlessly integrated with UGS’s unique process of building wealth through diversification. United Gold Direct’s primary goal is to protect the assets of its clients in an environment of potential growth.

Twenty-five years of diversified experience is what United Gold Direct prides themselves in. It is headed by a group of some of the best investment minds in the world, coming from different disciplines within the wholesale gold industry. Nonetheless, each individual was taken as part of the group for a single reason: they have proven that they can contribute in the faster growth rate of investments in the market. And that’s exactly how United Gold Direct treats your precious investments.

The corporate office of United Gold Direct is located in Westlake Village, California, but it is serving all fifty states. They are available via telephone Mondays through Fridays, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Pacific Time. Moreover, UGD can be accessed through the internet which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Gold equates to actual money. And unlike the other assets like stocks, bonds and even the legal tender, gold can actually hold its own value during periods of tough economy. This explains why savvy investors rush for IRA gold investment. “Put your money in gold and watch it grow,” investors say this as purchasing physical gold coins IRA often rewards smart investors with great returns.
In the financial sense, owning precious metals IRA is no different from owning real estate, only that you do not have to worry about mortgages. When compared to the traditional stock and bond market, the price of gold remains relatively high despite the setbacks in the economy. This protects the integrity of your investment from any liabilities arising from economic crisis.

Having understood the real impact of gold in the steady flow of income, you probably want to know how you can build your wealth using gold. If you are considering a retirement, then you can invest in gold IRA. With your IRA account, you can invest in tangible gold like physical gold coins IRA. Gold coins IRA will definitely give your investment more security compared to other forms of investments, especially when you are faced with financial challenges related to debts, medical bills and other expenses. When you are no longer capable of working for yourself, gold IRA will certainly serve as your financial lifeline.

If you are considering making IRA gold investment, then be sure to buy the gold only after ascertaining its purity and weight. This is the amount of gold contained in a single coin or bullion. Also, keep in mind that gold coins are also made using other metal alloys, hence you may not always find pure gold coins. Gold coins for investment usually contain at least 22 karats of pure gold.

You also need to study the specifications for these coins before investing in them.

You have to be smart if you want to invest in gold. Like any other purchase, buy physical gold coins IRA when they are cheap and keep them until you can sell at a profit. Time is to your advantage since the price of precious metals rise each year.


Investing in gold has always been appreciated, for it has always given good long-term returns. Experts call it an investment that gives you sure-shot returns. For people who have been investing in their IRA on a regular basis, gold is a great option to fetch greater returns when they retire. Investing in a gold IRA doesn’t let your savings get dormant. United Gold Direct gives you an option to open a gold IRA or a precious metals IRA. These accounts let your savings multiply with time, and ensure a secure future.

About United Gold Direct

It is a company dealing in variety of precious metals, like gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc. The company also sells wholesale gold in forms of coins, bullions, ingots, etc. It also gives you an opportunity to invest in different precious metals in different ways. You can open a gold IRA, backed 401k investing, 401(k) rollover, physical gold coins IRA, precious metals IRA, or even purchase the precious metals physically. The open investment plan of the company lets you open any kind of IRA, thereby enabling you to save maximum for the future. You can open an IRA using following methods.

Rollover – The company lets you roll over your funds in a qualified IRA plan within 60 days of your request so that you do not incur any penalties or tax consequences. It also lets you roll over your IRA savings, irrespective of the type of IRA – Traditional, Roth, SEP, or SIMPLE. Rolling over into a precious metals-backed IRA with UGD is very easy. One can also rollover his/her 401(k) assets into variety of IRAs offered by United Gold Direct.

Transfer – The company also lets you transfer your current IRAs into its precious metals-backed IRAs. Whether your existing IRA is in a bank, a credit unit, any stock brokerage firm, or any other financial agency, it can be transferred directly into UGD IRA.

Benefits for Future Retirees

A precious metal-backed IRA can prove to be a wise choice for all future retirees, for it can help them to retire rich. Historical trends have showed that the value of all the precious metals has multiplied over years. While the value of your dollar can decrease in world market, value of precious metals cannot.

Other Products and Services Offered by United Gold Direct

Advice to Diversify Your Portfolio – The company representatives help investors to diversify their portfolio in a way that gives best returns in the future.

Buy Physical Gold – You can also buy gold from the company in forms of coins, biscuits, bars, etc. It provides safe and secure transaction of funds and absolutely safe delivery of metals to your doorsteps.

Other Precious Commodities – The company also deals in numismatic, semi-numismatic, and rare coins.

Therefore, investing in IRAs offered by United Gold Direct can secure your future, indeed.  Call UGD to speak with a live representative today 888.502.3222

Young as you are, you should start thinking about your future. What you will be after your retirement? Will you have enough resources to suffice your needs? Your mindset would be the future after retirement as early as now.  You should always prepare for your future. If you want to be financially secured, you should make some investments. And talking about investments, there are various forms of it that you may want to entrust your money into. Find out all the things that you know about the form of investment that you wanted to join in. you should be familiar with any processes that it should undergo and the ways to prosper it. Investing is the most ideal thing to do to preserve your money.

The best way to preserve your money is to convert it into something solid and profitable like gold and other precious metal products such as silver, platinum and palladium. If you decided to have gold investments you can start form gold coins and progress to gold bullions as you gain profits. You should also find a market where gold products are genuine and with the bets quality that can justify its value. If you really want to get quality metals then order if from United Gold Direct. The said company is known to be the best provider of quality precious metals. UGD offers a wide range of precious metal products. Name it and you will have it. Choosing gold investments rather than other precious metal investments would give you an exemption from the 20% value added tax. This makes it more beneficial and you’ll be sure that you made the right decision.

If you want to know more about United Gold Direct, log on to their website. There, you will find more information about the company as well as the best deals that they offer.

Businesses are uncontrollable nowadays. We can see the lending institutions coming out like mushrooms, Banks, Bonds, and there are those who buy stocks, others in buying and selling either agricultural or industrial as long as it is called business.

While others are busy thinking of businesses, there are also people who are just contented  to let their  sleep in the bank with only a very minimal interest in return. This is probably because they think that the bank is the only solution and the safest place for them to secure their money after having it for the last 60 or more years of work in the government or private institutions. Well, we cannot blame them because some people do not have the ability to do business in other forms.

When considering investment options from paper to gold, the number should speak for them. Let’s take a look at our economy change. Rates of Dollars and other currencies are constantly changing. But you see? Gold is the only form of currency that does not devalue. It only rises. You can think about United Gold Direct once you have chosen metal investment. With them, you can be assured of high quality products and the finest because they are experts on it. In addition, you can see that in trying to gradually diversify portfolio you will recognize that Gold is a safe haven asset with intrinsic value, and physical gold is one of the few investments that you can control and hold in the palm of your hand.

So to avoid the risk, try the help of United Gold Direct. Seek their assistance so that you will be guided and protected at the same time. There are a numbers of Investment Company offering gold and as well as other precious metals such as silver and palladium. Be careful in choosing a company. Make sure that the company can provide you with all that you need for your portfolio.

Trust United Gold Direct whenever investing in gold and to other precious metals. The company provides a very personable and fast service. Of course, UGD will always make sure that every presentation will be very beautiful. The company will provide a very good package to you. For sure, you will be happy with your transaction with the company the moment you receive your order. If you want to know about UGD and all it can offer to you, go to its office or you can visit their website.

Furthermore, there are various choices of metals you can choose from gold and silver. American Buffalo Coins, American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, and South African Krugerrand are some of the choices. Gold and silver coins are said to be the best form of investment to possess. Aside from its genuine variety, these kinds of metals are easy to keep and manage.  You can choose the kind of metal you want to include to your portfolio. Precious metal managers at UGD will provide and assist you with all the things you will need.

Furthermore, at UGD you are secured that you get genuine metal products. Also, expect a great return from your investment the moment you transact with the company. Don’t waste your time and effort in investing in other forms of investment that can give you only with minimal gain. Come and transact at UGD today and Include gold and silver coins into your portfolio and enjoy the unlimited benefits you will get from it. Make sure that you are well knowledgeable in managing these kinds of asset. Knowing about what you are investing into will add to your confidence to get a secure future. Learn how to manage your portfolio well at United Gold Direct. There are many things that you need to know when it comes to precious metal investment.

In investing, the most practical way is through precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Gold are highly valuable ever since ancient times. Keep on reading articles for some other information for gold and other precious metal investments. There, you will clearly see and realize the value of precious metals. Precious metals will play a great role in strengthening your portfolio.

On the other hand, Silver is very in demand especially in the industrial sector because they use it as raw materials for production; while platinum is very scarce that is why it is expensive. All these are offered by United Gold Direct which aims to give their clients the best services that they can give. You can call or visit the company as soon as you can. The company will offer you precious metals of the best quality. You can also visit the company online; just go directly to their website and see what the company can offer.

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With UGD you can be sure that your investments are safe because it will be handled under the expertise of their precious metal investment managers who knows this industry very well. UGD is known for in bringing a good, reliable and sure investment. Clients are satisfied with their services that they continue to buy and sell their precious metals through it. Always remember that when transacting for gold and other precious metal investments, go to a very reliable company like UGD.

What do you do to keep your asset grow? There are many forms or ways to make assets grow, you can choose from many forms of investment such as bonds, real estate, commodities and etc. Whenever investing, it is much better if you secure a long term investment. Proper diversification of portfolio requires the right knowledge so that everything will be planned well. Know more about the kind of investment that you are into.

On the other hand, always go for a kind of investment which can provide you assurance and security. One good example for that is gold investment. Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium are very profitable that is why it is said to be the most secure form of investment. Make sure that you know the tricks to have a profitable investment.

Countless number of investors turns into precious metal investment simply because it can give them a higher chance of getting appreciation in their assets.  Who wouldn’t want that anyway? If you want to know more about gold investments, you can look over the internet and find websites which offer precious metal investment. For sure they will be able to provide you with all the information that you need regarding the said investment. United gold direct is one of the leading precious metal investment company today.

United Gold Direct is a company trusted by a large number of investors. UGD gives assurance to each of their client and security to have a better and bright future. The company offers a wide range of precious metals and as well as offers some of the lowest prices on the internet for gold and silver coins and much more. There is no doubt that UGD is one of the leading and the most reputable gold investment dealers on the web.

Choices for investments are getting numerous. It had become a hard time for a starter which of these forms of investments available will they choose. If you are a starter, it is wise that you choose other markets to invest your money in so that risk would be lesser. Commodity markets are preferably one of those. It is the market for tangible goods. It helps with the progress of the trade of commodities. One good and profitable from of investment is precious metals such as gold and silver. Precious metals such as gold are one of those tangible assets that are consistently appreciating. It is very important that you have enough knowledge when it comes to investing on such commodity.

On the other hand, talk with your portfolio manager about the importance and at the same time, security that this kind of investment could bring to you. Experts believe that a healthy investment portfolio should include about 20-30 percent of gold and silver metals. Precious metals are excellent means to balance an investment portfolio and at the same time reducing risks.

Furthermore, there are various choices of metals you can choose from gold and silver. American Buffalo Coins, American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, and South African Krugerrand are some of the choices. Gold and silver coins are said to be the best form of investment to possess. Aside from its genuine variety, these kinds of metals are easy to keep and manage.

Don’t waste your time and effort in investing in other forms of investment that can give you only with minimal gain. Include gold and silver coins into your portfolio today and enjoy the unlimited benefits it will bring to you. Just make sure that you are well knowledgeable in managing these kinds of asset. Knowing about what you are investing into will add to your confidence to get a secure future.

There are various companies that sell gold, silver and other precious metal products. Do you want to buy genuine precious metals now? Well, it will always be best if you conduct a little research first before buying. Have a better understanding about gold investment if you really want to include it in your portfolio.

A lot of investors agree in the power of gold as an investment. Gold’s value never depreciates or corrodes overtime. This is very reason why a lot of people are enticed to invest in the said precious metal. Who wouldn’t want to have a secure and better future? All of us want to have a security particularly to the financial aspect.  Find a way to have a better investment which can give you lucrative return. Investing in gold is so much better than other investments. It has outperformed other forms of investment.

Now, there are many forms of gold products that you can find in various investment companies. Some companies in California offer American Buffalo Coins, American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, and South African Krugerrand. The company also have silver in bars, American Eagles, 90% Silver Coin Bags, 40% Silver Coin Bags, Silver Rounds, and Canadian Maple. You can always choose which kinds you prefer.

You can start investing with coins. Now where can you purchase gold coins? As what is mentioned earlier in this article, there are various gold investment companies that offer various precious metal products which of course include gold coins. It is up to you where you will buy your gold coins. Just make sure that you are into a very reliable gold investment company.

The company is always there to help and guide you in having a healthy and profitable investment portfolio.  Just believe in the power of precious metals. Purchase gold coins today and have a better return of investment.